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Derry, the owner of Barney’s Farm Seedbank set about collecting seeds from landrace marijuana genetics whilst travelling around Asia and the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Tibet, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam and China in the early 1980s. He based himself high in the Himalayas for three years and along with other talented and similar minded breeders he began the cultivation and cross-breeding of these strains. They chose phenotypes for the obvious THC content, taste and aroma and back crossed them. The results were exciting and they delighted in having harvests of various sativa and indica hybrid cultivars to see them through the long and snow-bound winters in the mountains.

In 1992 Derry returned to Amsterdam and took over Barney’s coffee shop; with him he brought cannabis seeds from the valuable genetics he had collected and toyed with in the Himalayas. Barney’s Farm quickly became the research lab for many high quality cannabis strains. It didn’t take long for the smoking public to realise they had some special strains, with people travelling from far parts of the world to sample their genetics. Today Barney’s Farm is a recognised world leader in the production of top quality cannabis seeds and continues to search for and collect indigenous genetics from far flung places. This passion and devotion to this lifestyle reinforces their commitment and ability to provide new and exciting cannabis strains.


  Please Note: Hempology sells all seeds strictly for souvenir purposes, for storage purposes in case the laws may change and for the genetic preservation of medically valuable cannabis strains.
Seeds sold by Hempology must not be germinated in countries where it is illegal to do so.


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